Chipped or Cracked Tooth Repair

Even though tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, sometimes it can be damaged. Tooth enamel can be weakened by decay, certain medicines or medical conditions, or it can crack due to injury. Whatever the circumstances, when you have a cracked, chipped or damaged tooth, it is important to have it examined and treated with restorative dentistry right away. The earlier the issue is addressed, the better the chances that the tooth can be saved.

Sometimes you may have a crack or chip in a tooth and not know it. You may feel the symptoms but not be able to see the crack. This is often the case with cracks that happen on the lingual, or tongue, side of the tooth. Symptoms can include discomfort when biting down or chewing. You may feel discomfort on release of pressure. There can be throbbing pain or discomfort when ingesting hot or cold foods or beverages. The pain you experience may sporadic or it may be constant. Any discomfort you feel with a tooth is an indication of a problem. Have it checked as soon as possible before the situation gets worse.

Repairs to Damaged Teeth

In many situations the damaged tooth or chipped tooth can be repaired. Sometimes it only needs to be bonded back together. Other situations may call for more extensive work. Sometimes a tooth will need a crown to stabilize it and add protection. There are many factors that go into deciding what type of repair is best for a cracked or damaged tooth. A thorough exam of the tooth in question will determine the best path of treatment.

Early diagnosis and treatment of the problem will provide the best solution. Waiting or neglecting to get your tooth looked at will only add to the problem and, in the worst case scenario, lead to extraction of a tooth that could have been saved. When you experience discomfort with a tooth, contact us today to make an appointment at Meadowbrook Family Dental so you can be seen right away.

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