Do you realize how important your teeth are in your general health and well-being? Research has shown that oral health is a good indicator of overall health. As the gateway to your digestive system, it is very important that you have good oral health. When teeth are missing, you are not getting the full benefit of nutrition in the foods you eat. You are unable to chew your food properly and the more teeth you have missing, the more it impacts your health. In fact, it has been shown that people with no teeth at all have a higher incidence of chronic kidney disease. Having a full set of teeth is critical for your overall health as well as your appearance. Dentures are a restorative dental treatment that provide you with the chewing surface you need for getting your digestive processes off to a good start. They also make it easy for you to eat the foods you love and they provide you with a beaming smile of which you can be proud.

Full & Complete Dentures

When all your teeth are missing on either the upper or lower jaws, you need a full set of dentures. A full set provides you with all the teeth you need on either jaw. A compete set means you need upper and lower dentures. Your dentures make it possible for you to not only eat the foods you love, but also eat foods that provide your body with the proper nutrition to stay healthy. They also give you back a beautiful smile which shaves off years from your appearance.

Partial Dentures

In many cases people will opt for dental bridges to fill in the space caused by missing teeth. Sometimes this is not an option due to lack of abutment teeth or other considerations. When bridgework is not an option, partial dentures make a good alternative. They are easy to remove for cleaning and they provide you with a restored smile. More importantly, partial dentures restore the function of your teeth while providing stability and support for the remaining teeth.

When you have missing teeth, do not take a chance on letting it impact your general health. It is enough that your appearance is affected. Get your oral health restored and bring back a beautiful smile with dentures. Contact Meadowbrook Family Dental for more information.

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