Dental Fillings

Your bright smile is an asset and you do not want it marred with ugly cavities. It is important to have decay removed from your teeth as soon as possible in order to prevent more serious problems and loss of precious tooth surface. As part of our restorative dental treatments at Meadowbrook Family Dental, we provide you with fillings that look natural and feel great.

There are several types of dental filling material available. The choice of which material to use depends upon several factors including which tooth needs the filling. Size of the cavity and where the cavity is situated also have a role in determining which type of filling material will be used. Generally speaking, silver amalgam has been used to fill molars, particularly when the filling is large.

Advancements in dental technologies and materials have made it possible for more of those areas to be filled with tooth-colored filling material. The composite resins of today are stronger and more durable than they have ever been and more of them are being used to fill back teeth. This provides the patient with a beautiful, wide-open smile with no sign of problems.

White Composite Fillings

Composite resins are made out of a combination of plastic and glass or ceramic. They have been used for many decades for their aesthetic appeal in filling anterior teeth. Now that these resins have been made stronger and more durable, they are used to fill some cavities in back teeth as well.

Large cavities are often filled in layers when composite is used. These resins are light activated so a special blue light is applied to the composite to harden it each time a new layer is put down. Composite fillings are colored the same as your natural teeth so telling where the cavity begins and ends is virtually impossible. Composite fillings keep your smile bright and white.

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