Tooth Extractions

When you practice good oral hygiene you are less likely to have problems with your teeth. Staying current with your annual dental checkups and getting regular professional cleanings will go a long way in providing you with the best oral health. However, things can still happen that are beyond your control and may require restorative dental treatment.

There are individuals who have problems with tooth decay and other oral health issues in the face of good oral hygiene. There are times when a tooth may be damaged or injured due to accident or trauma of some sort. Sometimes root canal therapy cannot save a tooth and it will end up being extracted. At Meadowbrook Family Dental, we do everything we can to help ensure our patients keep their natural teeth. However, when an extraction is the only route left, you could not ask to be in better hands.

We pride ourselves on providing our patients with a relaxing, comfortable environment in which to undergo dental procedures. We understand how intimidating getting a tooth extracted can feel so we do all we can to calm your fears and erase your apprehensions. Pulling a tooth is always an effort of last resort and it is, in most cases, a fairly quick procedure with minimal discomfort.

Damaged Tooth Removal

There are circumstances where more effort may be required in extracting a tooth. This can happen when a tooth has several roots or when it has been damaged in some way. Teeth with large cavities or most of the top part of the tooth missing can be more difficult to remove. A cursory examination will show most potential issues but not necessarily all of them. You will be told what to expect during your extraction and rest assured that it will be done with care and compassion, always keeping your comfort in mind as a top priority.

After the tooth has been removed you will be given instructions on how to care for the extraction site. It is important that you follow the directions as given so that the area will heal properly. Complications can arise if the instructions are not carried out. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have about the procedure or aftercare. Contact Meadowbrook Family Dental today to schedule a consultation about tooth extractions.

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