Comfort Dental Amenities at Meadowbrook Family Dental

Comfort Dental Amenities at Meadowbrook Family Dental

A relaxing, rejuvenating morning doesn’t usually start with a visit to a local dental office for most people. However, our patients at Meadowbrook Family Dental may disagree. With numerous comfort dental amenities, Dr. Lau ensures every patient has a comfortable, relaxing experience at Meadowbrook Family Dental. Read more below to find out how we put our patients first with comfort dental amenities.

Comfort Dental Amenities

From warm blankets to a coffee bar, Meadowbrook Family Dental in Elk Grove provides complementary, comfort dental amenities for every patient. When you first arrive at our Elk Grove family dental office, you will can choice a drink from the complementary coffee and beverage bar while your children play in our play area. Next, surf the internet on our free, office-wide wi-fi service. Next, you will be escorted to a private treatment room. Here, you have the luxury of watching television on a personal television in the treatment room. Many of our patients love to watch “The Office” or “Friends” during their dental appointment in our Elk Grove office. For extra comfort, ask for a blanket, pillow, and scented towel. Your comfort is our priority at Meadowbrook Family Dental in Elk Grove.

Sleep Dentistry

At Meadowbrook Family Dentistry, we treat patients with a fear of the dentist, also called dental anxiety Apart from our traditional comfort dental amenities, our patients with dental anxiety can opt for sleep dentistry. Through medicine, we can create a comfortable dental experience for any patient. We use a number of sleep dentistry techniques. The first sleep dentistry technique we employee is rubbing a numbing solution to your gums where your dental work will be completed. Further, we can also prescribe a relaxation oral medication that you can take before the appointment. Lastly, during the appointment, we can give you laughing gas to help calm your nerves.

Injections and Comfort Dental Amenities

If you are receiving a dental procedure that requires a dental injection, we can make you comfortable before, during, and after the procedure. One way we make the injection more comfortable is we warm the injection to match your body temperature before administering it. This bypasses the discomfort of injecting a cold substance into your body. Secondly, we use a technology called DentalVibe which sends vibrations to your brain before the injection is given. The signals from DentalVibe and from the injection pain are jumbled together, and your brain interprets a lower pain sensation.

From traditional comfort dental amenities to sleep dentistry to injection technology, Dr. Lau is committed to your comfort at Meadowbrook Family Dental. For more information about our comfort dental amenities or to plan your next visit with us, call us today!


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