Dental Cleaning Basics For Oral Health2

Dental Cleaning: Basics For Oral Health

When you visit Dr. Lau at Meadowbrook Family Dental in Sacramento, California for your bi-yearly dental cleaning, it may be confusing. How do dentist really clean teeth? In this post, we will break down how Dr. Lau and his team at Meadowbrook Family Dental in Sacramento, California clean your teeth.

1. How does a dentist do a physical examination?

The first step of a teeth cleaning at Meadowbrook Family Dental, has nothing to do with cleaning your teeth! Actually, Dr. Lau and his team will look at your teeth. They will look for things like fractures, decay, and gum disease. Next, your hygienist will use a small mirror in your mouth to find any issues. At this point, if there is an issue, the hygienist may talk to Dr. Lau to find out if it should be dealt with before or after your dental cleaning.

2. How does a dentist remove tartar and plaque?

In the second step, your hygienist will clean your teeth by taking off tartar and plaque. The sugars and bacteria from your food attach to your teeth when you eat and drink. First, these form into plaque, which is sticky like peanut butter. If you do not take off the plaque by brushing twice a day and flossing once per day, the plaque will turn into tartar. This is tough and hard to get off. Too much tarter could lead to gum disease, which requires multiple cleanings at Meadowbrook Family Dental in Sacramento, California.

Dental Cleaning

3. What type of toothpaste does a dentist use during a dental cleaning?

During your regular cleaning at Meadowbrook Family Dental in Sacramento, California, your hygienist will use a tough toothpaste. This is also called an abrasive. The toothpaste is different from the toothpaste you use at home because it contains materials that can scrape off bacteria. The best part? You can choose from multiple flavors!

4. How does a dentist floss your teeth?

The second to last part of your dental cleaning is flossing! Even though, at Meadowbrook Family Dental we may floss last, this does not mean you have to do it in the same order at home. Whether you floss first or last, it doesn’t matter! The important point is that you floss at least once a day. The best way to floss is to break off about 18 inches of floss and wrap it around your pointer fingers (to floss the lower teeth) or your thumbs (to floss the upper teeth). Next, place the floss in between a tooth and gently move the floss in a C motion. Remember to floss every tooth, even the back molars.

5. Do I need fluoride?

Now, your dental cleaning is almost over. The last step is optional. At Meadowbrook Family Dental in Sacramento, California we recommend that we put fluoride on your teeth during every cleaning. This helps strengthen teeth. If you have a high risk for developing cavities, fluoride can help fill in the small cracks in your teeth to prevent decay.

Visiting the dentist can be overwhelming, but at Meadowbrook Family Dental in Sacramento, California we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible! For more information about dental cleanings or to visit Dr. Lau at Meadowbrook Family Dental call (916)-307-6035, today!


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