Quality Preventative Care in Elk Grove, California2

Quality Preventative Care in Elk Grove, California

If you are looking for a caring dental team, convenient services, and quality preventative care, look no further. The Meadowbrook Family Dental team in Elk Grove, California are committed to improving and maintaining their patient’s oral health. One way they do this is through emphasizing the importance of quality preventive care in dentistry.

Dental Treatment Options

Typically, primary dental care consists of three main care categories. This includes: preventative care, cosmetic care, and restorative dentistry. As you may have guessed, cosmetic dental care in done purely to improve the appearance of a smile. With that said, to get cosmetic dentistry completed, such as teeth whitening, you need well-maintained oral health.

The second category is restorative dentistry. This focuses on repairing the function of missing, broken, or misaligned teeth or oral health problems. However, most restorative dentistry procedures at Meadowbrook Family Dental in Elk Grove, California are also cosmetic procedures.

What is Preventative Dentistry?

Lastly, preventative dentistry consist of the procedures to prevent or potential oral health problems in the future. A few of these procedures including bi-annual dental exams and cleanings, night guards, sealants, and fluoride. For some patients, preventative dentistry can feel like a hassle because there is no immediate dental concern and treatment is an on-going commitment. However, compared to the hours and thousands of dollars you can save in restorative dentistry costs, the time and energy of preventative dentistry is worth it.

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Types of Preventative Dentistry

The best way Dr. Lau and the Meadowbrook Family Dentistry team can serve you is by cleaning and examining your oral health every six months. Not only can the remove hard-to-get, built-up plaque, they can also identify potential oral health problems. Next, during your bi-annual appointment, opt for fluoride and sealant treatment. This varnish or polish placed over your teeth will prevent the growth of decay on these areas. If you have frequent jaw pain, the Meadowbrook Family Dentistry dream may recommend a nightguard which can prevent grinding and wear on your jaw and teeth.

Although preventative dentistry does not sound as glamorous as cosmetic dentistry, it is necessary. If you want to avoid large, expensive, and invasive oral health treatments, invest in preventative dentistry. Start today by brushing your teeth for two minutes each day and flossing once per day. Then, schedule your bi-annual visit with Dr. Lau and the Meadowbrook Family Dentistry team in Elk Grove, California. We can’t wait to meet you!

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