Reasons Why You Have Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can make life uncomfortable. Drinking hot tea or oral health habits such as brushing and flossing, can cause pain. Toothaches typically occur when there is minimal root protection on the tooth. If the enamel on the tooth wears down, hot and cold drinks have access to the root’s nerves causing sensitive teeth. Below are a few reasons that can you may have discomfort.

Tooth Decay / Cavities

When your teeth are exposed to sugars for a long amount of time, the can sugar turn into an acid. This will eat away the tooth’s enamel. Did you know? The tooth is protected by a layer of enamel and dentin. Then, if this layer is broken the root and nerves at the center of the tooth are exposed. Thus, if you do not treat the tooth with a filling, you may need a root canal or an extraction to help your sensitive teeth.

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Gum Disease

If your gums are red, swollen, or bleed while brushing or flossing you may have gum disease. Periodontal disease or gum disease can develop through poor oral hygiene, the use of tobacco, pregnancy, and a byproduct of certain medications. Early stages of gingivitis can be reversed; however, periodontitis can lead to the loss of bone and gums. Gum disease can also cause sensitive teeth. 

Compromised Enamel

You may get sensitive teeth if your tooth’s root is exposed through a worn cavity filling, worn enamel, or a fractured tooth. Hot and cold substances increase sensitive teeth. At Meadowbrook Family Dental, Dr. Lau can help you meet your needs and fix your sensitive teeth.

We can help with your sensitive teeth!

Of course, the best way to prevent poor oral health and sensitive teeth is to practice good oral hygiene. Floss once a day and brush twice a day for two minutes each. Another way to reduce sensitive teeth is through regular check-ups twice a year at Meadowbrook Family Dental with Dr. Lau. For more information, call Dr. Lau at (916)-912-4126 today! Of course, take care of your sensitive teeth. 

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