Talking Teeth

Most people believe that your tongue is the main mechanism that helps you talk, and it is. Your teeth play a large part in your speech as well. But did you know that your teeth also could talk?

While your teeth don’t literally utter words, they can tell stories about your oral habits and care. Dental professionals like Dr. Lawrence Lau at Meadowbrook Family Dental are experts in understanding what your teeth are telling him.

Gum Recession

If Dr. Lau notices gum recession in your mouth it could be telling him a number of different things about your teeth. Gum recession is a sign of periodontal disease. Your genes may also play a role in your gum recession, but overly aggressive tooth brushing could be causing your gum recession as well.

Teeth Grinding

If you grind your teeth at night while you sleep most likely you’re unaware of your harmful, damaging habit. Dr. Lau will check your teeth for signs of bruxism (teeth grinding) by looking for worn, decayed, loose, broken or missing teeth. He will also ask if you wake in the morning with a headache or jaw pain. If your teeth and symptoms are telling him that you are a tooth grinder then Dr. Lau can make a custom nightguard for you to help you stop grinding your teeth, protect your teeth from damage, and allow you to wake up feeling refreshed.

Tooth Discoloration

Your teeth can tell a lot about what you eat, drink and other oral habits. Yellowed or graying teeth are an indication that they are stained due to many possible factors. Dr. Lau offers teeth whitening methods for both at home and in his office to whiten your discolored teeth safely and effectively.

Your teeth can tell many other stories that Dr. Lau can understand and help treat. Book your appointment with Dr. Lau at Meadowbrook Family Dental today. He looks forward to getting to know you, and your teeth!

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