The Facts About Oral Cancer Meadowbrook Family Dental January 2020 Blog

The Facts About Oral Cancer

Dr. Lau and the Meadowbrook Family Dental team look forward to caring for your smile for years to come! To start off our New Year dental blog we discuss The Facts About Oral Cancer.

Oral cancers are more common in older adults because the development of cancer is typically a lengthy process. The average age that someone develops oral cancer may decrease as HPV related oral cancers become more common. And, men are two times more likely to get oral cancer than women. Although, men are more likely to engage in risk factors such as using alcohol and tobacco than women. 

There are a number of symptoms that can relate to oral cancer. If your gums bleed, then this could be a sign of periodontal disease; however, if you experience unexplained bleeding or numbness in your mouth, it could be a sign of oral cancer. Other signs include multiple sores lasting for longer than 2 weeks on your throat or in your mouth, bumps or growths in your mouth or throat, dramatic weight loss, hoarse voice, and ear pain. If you experience one or more of these symptoms, call Dr. Lau and his team at Meadowbrook Family Dental in Sacramento, CA to learn more. 

Oral cancer is a serious disease that should be treated right away. Limiting sun exposure, avoiding tobacco products, getting regular screenings, and eating right are all ways you can reduce your risk.

Understanding the risks of oral cancer and finding it early is crucial steps to avoiding long-term complications from oral cancer. If you have any of these symptoms or if you have not had an oral exam in a year, call Dr. Lau at Meadowbrook Family Dental in Sacramento, CA to plan your next visit.

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