What to Expect During A Root Canal2

What to Expect During A Root Canal

It is a common myth that root canal procedures are painful, however, the pain typically stems from the decayed, damaged, or infected tooth. A root canal can be a necessary procedure to save teeth rather than extract them. Dr. Lau will schedule a special appointment at Meadowbrook Family Dental to complete this procedure. Here are a few things you can expect:


Dr. Lau and their team will take x-rays of your mouth to clearly examine the affected tooth and bone. Next, before the root canal, Meadowbrook Family Dental team will ensure you are comfortable through numbing. A latex rubber sheet will be placed around the tooth to protect it from viruses, bacteria, and fungus. The anesthetic applied before the treatment will eliminate pain during the root canal.


Next, the root canal begins. Dr. Lau begins by clearing out an opening in the top of the affected tooth. He will begin to remove the tooth’s nerve and areas inside the root. The area is rinsed out and then filled with a rubber material to seal the tooth. Lastly, a temporary filling will be placed on-top.

root canal


It is normal to feel soreness around the treated area for a few days after your appointment. If you have further concerns, please ask Dr. Lau during your appointment or call Meadowbrook Family Dental. Additionally, if the infection in your tooth spreads, Dr. Lau may prescribe antibiotics to take after the procedure. Most importantly, remember to visit Dr. Lau for a follow-up appointment so they can replace the temporary filling and monitor the healing.

A root canal should be a welcomed procedure, not a dreaded one. If you leave a deep cavity or cracked tooth untreated, an infection may cause excruciating pain and eventually, the tooth may fall-out. However, with 1 to 2 visits to our office and good dental habits, you can have a new tooth that will last for a lifetime. Call Meadowbrook Family Dental at 916-912-4126 for more information about root canals or to schedule an appointment today!

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