Wisdom Teeth Removal

While all people are different, there are many similarities that everyone shares. Most people develop 32 permanent teeth, yet most people’s mouth can only hold 28 comfortably. These extra four teeth are known as the third molars, or wisdom teeth. These teeth tend to develop in the later teen years through the early 20s, long after the other permanent teeth have developed and settled into the mouth. Because there is limited space in a person’s mouth, these wisdom teeth can cause significant problems to a person’s oral health and smile.

Frequent problems that are caused by the wisdom teeth include:

  • Irritated, swollen, and infected gums
  • Over-crowding of the permanent teeth
  • Misalignment of the teeth (this is especially upsetting for those who have already gone through orthodontic treatment)
  • Bad breath
  • Jaw bone damage and root damage to other teeth
  • Jaw pain
  • Headaches

X-rays are used by dentists to determine whether or not a person has wisdom teeth, how they are developing, and if/when they need to be removed. Wisdom teeth removal is the most common oral surgery procedure performed across the United States. Dentists agree that addressing issues with the wisdom teeth sooner rather than later is the best method of treatment.

If X-rays reveal that the wisdom teeth are present, a treatment plan will be developed to watch their development at first. Wisdom teeth are first able to be seen through X-ray technology long before they ever attempt to erupt into the mouth. Occasionally, the wisdom teeth will come in at an appropriate angle and a person’s mouth will have room for them. Most often, however, these teeth come in sideways because of the lack of available jaw space. These are considered to be “impacted” wisdom teeth, and they need to be removed before they begin causing trouble.

Wisdom teeth removal is an out-patient procedure with a quick recovery time. At Meadowbrook Family Dental, all of our oral health services are provided in a safe and comfortable environment. Please contact us today.

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